A Diary of A Single Man: Heavens Peak

When the wedding ring becomes recession proof. - A Diary of A Single Man: Heavens Peak - July 1, 2017 12:30pm  Dear diary - When you deal with the young and the restless you'll end up broken hearted. To be brutally honest, it was over before it started.  - Don't hate because she's beautiful. Instead, [...]

A Diary of A Single Man: This Bleeding Heart

Heavy is the head which wears the crown.  - A Diary of A Single Man: This Bleeding Heart - Intro Chorus: This Bleeding Heart - Don't know what to do I'm constantly thinking of you I'm so tired and confused - Right now (uh) I'm going down (like) I'm drownin' fast (oh) - I feel cold When I'm [...]

A Diary of A Single Man: A Father’s Day After Thought

When you've fathered children and not one has reached out to say, "Happy Father's Day", dad. - The crime behind the pain, the shame and remorse. - A Father's Day After Thought - When you've paid over $200,000 in child support and have little to nothing to show from it. - Dad with a lowercase [...]

Giselle Lynette: An Ordinary Woman

The seen and unseen symbiosis relationship between Cheeks and Brutha is mutual and beneficial. The understanding is complementary and a liking to Ausar & Aset's perfect harmonic association. - Giselle Lynette: An Ordinary Woman - Tonight, Cheeks had the nerve to go roller skating with her girlfriend, knowing all too well it was not recommended [...]

Staying Together After The Affair

(Standing behind the curtain of darkness finally stepping out into the glaring and frightful light). - The sins committed in the past we often repeat in the present and it often reoccurs in the future. Sometimes, in order to see the light one has to risk the dark. - Staying Together After The Affair - [...]

Fall Seven Times Stand Up Eight

Some of us come from the land of excuses and dream about visiting the land of milk and honey. We all had to crawl before we were able to stand.  - Fall Seven Times Stand Up Eight - What does this saying mean? - In my humble opinion, it means getting back up every time [...]

A Christmas Wish

If only I had just one single wish it would be... To find someone to love, not one I'd have to keep up with. - A Christmas Wish - I'd like to take this Time to present A simple wish A very special Christmas wish and A rememberable gift Filled with happiness Love and joy [...]