Fall Seven Times Stand Up Eight

Some of us come from the land of excuses and dream about visiting the land of milk and honey. We all had to crawl before we were able to stand. 

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Fall Seven Times Stand Up Eight

What does this saying mean?

In my humble opinion, it means getting back up every time you get knocked down, fall down, or otherwise end up feeling down. Falling down comes after we’ve stood up. The seed, when it “Metaphorically” dies and sinks into the ground it doesn’t rise again as just a seed. Instead, it rises in the form of a whole plant bearing many seeds. This in a way resembles that it dies as one but rises as many, persevering despite weakness.

The number 7 reflects “Completeness and Perfection”.  The number 8 reflects “New Beginnings or Resurrection of The Dead”.

We were standing before we fell. We simply cannot stop standing until someday we have what we set out to achieve. We get up no matter what. Hold on to life and cling to it like wet paper to the glass. We are to shine and to make a difference no matter how great or minimal our stumble may be.

Life is one huge classroom with tests and quizzes throughout the day. The object is to learn more today than we did yesterday for a better tomorrow. It’s an exercise like a set of uneven gymnastic bars which test our endurance and strength.

The overworked and the strong have its moment(s) of being weary. Just because your hidden treasures are unseen by others doesn’t mean your exceptional exquisite taste or vision can’t be shared, valued and utilized for the entire world to witness. Life’s not a sprint. It’s a journey. It’s an incredible marathon of a maze with speed bumps, barricades and obstacles which are nothing more than invaluable lessons, as they unfold. I want you to know, “I see you”. I see all of you. I also see, all that you will be.

Fall Seven Times Stand Eight

Fall Seven Times Stand Up Eight

To not become a label or the metaphor of an uprooted tree laying in a ditch on the side of the road. To avoid being caught up in the false aesthetic aspects of life. We have the ability and poses the quality allowing us to be more than capable of achieving our goal. This is an open invitation to renew and restore your life.

What does it mean to you?

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Fall Seven Times Stand Up Eight


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…















15 thoughts on “Fall Seven Times Stand Up Eight

    1. Life is hard and I can recall at one time or another when I wanted to give up. I didn’t want to be viewed as a failure nor a loser and I quickly changed my values and mindset. I also thought about the people I would’ve let down.

      Most of all, letting myself down would be the worst disappointment I could ever experience and endure.

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